Registration Information

Taizo Kuroda
Registration Statement System

The Taizo Kuroda Registration Statement System is a system by which Taizo Co., Ltd. registers artworks deemed to be created by Taizo Kuroda in a catalog maintained by Taizo Co., Ltd. The purpose of this system is to preserve the legacy of Taizo Kuroda's art and aesthetic philosophy and to create a more accurate and complete archival record of Taizo Kuroda's artistic output.
A registration statement issued by Taizo Co., Ltd. indicates that an artwork has been registered in the catalog of Taizo Kuroda artworks maintained by Taizo Co., Ltd. It includes the following items:
registration number, the title of the work, production date, medium, dimensions (height and width), and image of the artwork.
Unlike an appraisal or other forms of expert evaluation, a registration statement does not serve as proof
of value or authenticity for a Taizo Kuroda artwork.
Taizo Co., Ltd. cannot be held responsible for the issuance of a registration statement or if any problems
arise in the sale of work, etc., related to the registration statement.

Applying for a Taizo Kuroda Registration Statement

A written request to register an artwork will be accepted only from the owner of the artwork or by an authorized representative of the owner. A request is made by filling out a registration application form and submitting it by email for consideration by the Taizo Kuroda Registration Committee.
If the committee deems it necessary to inspect the artwork in question, the applicant will be asked to send the artwork to Taizo Co., Ltd. The committee meets three times a year to conduct inspections (Scheduled for March, July, and November).
The committee charges a fee of 30,000 yen to inspect and register artwork. If artwork is approved for registration, a registration statement will be issued for that artwork. Should an artwork fail to be registered, then a fee of only 10,000 yen will be charged. Please understand that we may not be able to provide you with details as to why we cannot register your work. If a request for a wooden box (tomobako) has been made, the cost of producing the box will be charged to the applicant and the registration number and official certification seal will be stamped on the box.
If available, the applicant is requested to provide documents that support the artwork's provenance (invoice, receipt, correspondence, etc. at the time of purchase).
Registration application form, artwork, and documentation must be received by Taizo Co., Ltd. at least one week before the artwork inspection meeting. All expenses required to ship the artwork (both ways) shall be paid by the applicant. Taizo Co., Ltd. will bear no responsibility for any damage that may occur to the artwork while being shipped.
Taizo Co., Ltd. will notify the owner of the artwork of the results of the inspection within one week after the date of the inspection.
If the artwork has been registered, Taizo Co., Ltd. will issue an invoice for the registration authorization fee. Once payment is received, a registration statement will be sent to the owner within two months.
Note: Only one registration statement will be issued for an artwork. There will be no re-issuing of a registration statement.

Taizo Kuroda Registration Committee members
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