For me, white porcelain is not just about forms or tone of the glaze: maybe I can say it is something like "truth." I have the desire to know the truth. Maybe that does not exist in this world, but I am a kind of person that wishes for something like that. Maybe I am thinking that I would like to know the truth through producing white porcelain. Or maybe I am believing that white porcelain itself is the truth. So I am thinking that white porcelain must be the object that is able to express the truth. It is hard to explain, but my aim is to replace these thoughts with white porcelain, as people in this world cannot comprehend our messages unless we embody them into forms. I feel like I am producing words through a motif called "vessel." -Taizo Kuroda


1946 January 1-Born in Notogawa-cho(present-day Higashiomi-shi),Siga Prefecture.
1966 Traveled to France. In Paris, he met Shimaoka Tatsuzo (potter, 1919-2007).
1967 May – Moved to North Hatley, Quebec, Canada.
Began to work under Gaetan Beaudin (1924-2002), professor of Penland School of Crafts in Montreal.
1970 First return to Japan. Studied ceramics under Shimaoka Tatsuzo in Mashiko-machi,
Tochigi Prefecture for approximately 6 months.
Met Shimaoka’s master Hamada Shoji (potter,1894-1978).
1971 December – Returned to Canada.
1973 February – Second return to Japan. Studied ceramics once again under Shimaoka Tatsuzo.
1974 December – Returned to Canada.
1975 Began working for SIAL, a ceramic manufactory where Beaudin was one of the founders.
1978 Left SIAL and built a kiln in Saint-Gabriel, Quebec. Began to produce porcelain with polychrome decoration.
1980 Returned to Japan.
1981 Built a kiln in Matsuzaki-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture.
1984 Began to run a direct sales shop “Ceramic Studio TAIZO” in PARCO Part III, a department store in Shibuya, Tokyo (until 1987).
1987 Met Hiroshi Toda
1988 Traveled to New York.
1991 Built a kiln in Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Began to produce white porcelain under the rules he stated: “A monochrome vessel, formed by throwing.”
1992 Showed his white porcelain works to the public for the first time.
1997 Met Tadao Ando.
2001 A collection of his works White Porcelain was published by Amus Art Press.
2005 Met Kazuhito Yoshii, introduced by Tadao Ando.
2009 A collection of his works Taizo Kuroda was published by Prestel.
2016 Built a studio.
2019 Established a gallery for his works on a property next to his studio. Designed and constructed by Tadao Ando.
2021 April 13 – Died at Shizuoka Hospital in Japan.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Château La Coste, Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade,
Taizo Kuroda, Céramiques,
June 8 – August 13, 2019

Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka,
Taizo Kuroda,
November 21, 2020 – July 25, 2021

Yoshii Gallery New York ,Design Miami/Basel,
Taizo Kuroda: White Porcelain,
Yoshii Gallery New York June 2 – June 5, 2008

Vanghi Sculpture Garden Museum, Shizuoka,
Taizo Kuroda: White Porcelain,
January 12 – April 9, 2019

Yoshii Gallery, New York,
Taizo Kuroda White Porcelain – Cylinders,
April 27 – June 30, 2017

J.M.WESTON Aoyama, Tokyo,
Taizo Kuroda White Porcelain,
October 2020

Yoshii Gallery, New York,
Taizo Kuroda White Porcelain – Meiping,
May 2 – June 22, 2019

1982 January Savoir Vivre (Tokyo)
1983 June Hankyu Umeda Main Store Art Gallery (Osaka)
1984 September Hankyu Umeda Main Store Art Gallery (Osaka)
1985 August Seibu Ikebukuro Art Gallery (Tokyo)
1986 December Seibu Ikebukuro Art Gallery (Tokyo)
1990 April Amano Gallery (Osaka)
1992 November TOUKYO(Tokyo) First exhibition of white porcelain
1998 June Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Art Choice Gallery (Tokyo)
2000 March Zetterquist Galleries (New York)
June Takashimaya Nihonbashi Store Art Gallery (Tokyo)
August Takshimaya Osaka Store Art Gallery (Osaka)
2001 October Tanimatsuya Toda Gallery (Osaka)
2002 May Takashimaya Yokohama Store Art Gallery (Kanagawa)
Tong-in Gallery (Seoul)
2003 May Takashimaya Osaka Store Art Gallery (Osaka)
2004 March JR Nagoya Takashimaya Art Gallery (Aichi)
June Takashimaya Nihonbashi Store Art Gallery (Tokyo)
September Zetterquist Galleries (New York)
2005 April Takashimaya Yokohama Store Art Gallery (Kanagawa)
December Takashimaya Osaka Store Art Gallery (Osaka)
2006 April Takashimaya Nihonbashi Store Art Gallery (Tokyo)
December Yoshii Gallery, New York, at Design Miami/Basel (Miami)
2007 May Takashimaya Shinjuku Store Art Gallery (Tokyo)
2008 June Yoshii Gallery, New York, at Design Miami/Basel (Basel)
November Yoshii Gallery, New York, at Ryogotei (Tokyo)
2010 November Yoshii Gallery (Tokyo)
2013 April Tanimatsuya Toda Gallery (Osaka)
June Kaikai Kiki Gallery (Tokyo) with Tanimatsuya Toda Gallery
2014 October WASALABY (Tokyo)
2015 September Yu-un (Tokyo)
2017 April Yoshii Gallery (New York)
2018 April Shibunkaku (Kyoto)
2019 January Vanghi Sculpture Garden Museum (Shizuoka)
May Yoshii Gallery (New York)
June Chateau La Coste (Le Puy-Sainte-Reparade, France)
2020 October J.M.WESTON Aoyama (Tokyo)
November Museum of Oriental Ceramics (Osaka)
2021 May Yoshii Gallery (New York)
August Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art (Tochigi)

And numerous others at galleries including Gallery Now (Toyama),
Shibuya Kurodatoen (Tokyo), t. gallery (Tokyo), hiromiyoshii tokyo (Tokyo),
Utsuwa Nanohana (Odawara), Akamanma (Gunma), and Tristan Hoare (London).

Museum and Public Collections

National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka (Osaka, Japan)
Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art (Tochigi, Japan)
Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum (Shizuoka, Japan)
Rakusui-tei Museum of Art (Toyama, Japan)
Yakushiji Temple (Nara, Japan)
Cleveland Museum of Art (Ohio, U.S.A.)
Brooklyn Museum of Art (New York, U.S.A.)
Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation (New York, U.S.A.)
Dia Beacon (New York, U.S.A.)
Minneapolis Institute of Art (Minnesota, U.S.A.)
Victoria and Albert Museum (London, U.K.)
Chateau La Coste (Aix-en-Provence, France)