MUYU is the place created by Taizo Kuroda, his own personal promised land. This property is the realization of Kuroda’s philosophy of art. The same concepts that drive his creation of white porcelain inspire his physical surroundings.

The house stands on a clifftop facing
out to the sea of Izu. Under the right conditions,
you can see all the way out to the islands.
Views like this are a rare find. After the rain,
a rainbow extended over the water. -Taizo Kuroda


In its summer lushness, the garden here seems almost Southeast Asian. My preferred habitat is somewhere that resembles a forest.
I expect the trees here will continue to grow, and it will become even more forest-like, as the years pass. – TK

The first time I set foot on this site, among the dense tangle of trees I spotted two enoki (hackberries).
It was the sight of these massive trees, that had stood here so long, through disasters of every sort, that made me decide to build a house here. - TK


I work at night, lying down from time to time on the bench to rest. I never liked sleeping even when I was young.
I like my workspace, and don't want to leave but just stay here, and make ordinary things. - TK


If you count the houses of friends, and one of my daughters, I’ve probably built more than twelve.
But everytime I built one for myself, part of me has know I could never actually spend the rest of my days there. There was always something about the place that didn’t appeal. This though, is the first place I could gladly stay for the rest of my life. - TK

Packed with all the things I want to do, everything I like, this little house feels like the first to truly be the way I imagined my house would. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bedroom - all positioned with compact efficiency, and surrounded by the art and antiques that I love. - TK

Water Exhibition Space

Tadao Ando designed this exhibition space for Taizo Kuroda’s work. The artworks rest on a shallow layer of water, showing off their serene quality. The space beautifully complements Kuroda’s work, and also serves as a place of meditation and reflection for the viewer.

Last year I had Ando-san design a small gallery space on the grounds of my home.
He’s a suave and rather fascinating individual, actually. – TK